Make history. Because if you don't, someone else will.


I spent my childhood shuttling 2 hours between families in San Francisco and Monterey, CA.  My teenage years were spent in boarding schools in the South and New England.  My favorite thing about college was studying abroad.  I spent my twenties eating ramen noodles and sleeping on the couches of friends while pursuing my wildest dreams. In my thirties, I got paid as a real life Professor X, building a nonprofit that trained and unleashed modern-day superheroes - Dream Directors. Today, I am creating documentary shorts, docu-series, and biopics that inspire the next generation of superheroes.

“Sallomé is a magnificent, creative force whose interactions with humanity are nothing short of pure alchemy.” –Michelle Wonsley, The Authenticator

“[She] has an incredibly light and giving spirit, quite free of cynicism. Don't think [she] has a mean bone in [her] brown body!” –Nelson George, Author & TV/Film Producer

“Sallomé lives excellence, and refuses to allow those around her to live anything less.” –Kiyama Brown, Holistic Practitioner

“I see generations of people touched by [her] light and love, building and rebuilding our world in a way that honors our ancestors and allows the present to live holistically blessed lives.” –Adaku Utah, Founder of Harriet's Apothecary

“She lives beyond socials norms, providing light for others to live their most outlandish dreams.” –Selena Ayala, Healer

“Sallomé reminds me of the perennial possibility of Love... the way she digests painful moments and produces beauty. She shows up as Love in the world at all cost.” –Zebi Williams, Artivist

“I believe in the infinite power of humanity’s potential for greatness and goodness because of who Sallomé is and her choices; she pours out—infinitely—and that means so can anyone else.” –MJ Hunt, Philanthropist



Select work



After, designing programs that take the edge off of end of life and assist participants and their loved ones in creating a legacy worth living for, 2019-present

Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit,  empowering young women of African descent to reach their full potential by engaging them in a process of self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-actualization, 2009-2017

The Stoop, exposing middle and high school students to careers in performance, applied arts, and entrepreneurship, 2007-2010


TEDxWesleyanU: presented "Workplaces Suffocate Human Potential," Wesleyan University, April 2018

TED2016: workshop facilitation, "Introducing Future Schools, where all students learn to dream," Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, BC; February 2016

Creative Mornings' Audience Takes the Stage: presented "Audacity of Purpose," The New School, New York, NY; December 2014

CUSP Conference: presented "You (Are) Matter: the design process in developing the Dream Director," Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL; October 2014

Dream School: served as Dream Director for Sundance's second season of the 6-series television show, New York, NY; April 2014

30 Summit: presented "Youth and the S&P: Mentorship and the Return on Investment," Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL; September 2009

Congressional Black Caucus – Annual Legislative Conference: presented national and international reports of youth activism towards reparations for Africans throughout the Diaspora at the Emerging Leaders Series’ “Collective Leadership-Challenging a Bold New Generation,” Washington, DC; September 2003

Annual Youth Summit: presented “Don’t Believe the Hype, Pursue Your Dreams,” Monterey Peninsula Chapter of the NAACP Youth & College Division, Seaside, CA; August 2003


Who You Calling a Bitch?: serving as a story producer for a Netflix docuseries that explores the impact of women in hip hop on American politics and popular culture, Fictionless, New York, NY; 2019

Shaping the Culture: serving as supervising producer for a documentary about the journalists that influenced hip hop culture, The Gates Preserve, New York, NY; 2019

L-O-V-E: a short documentary: served as Executive Producer for a piece that explores the voices of youth in the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill for its 20th year anniversary, Newark, NJ, August 2018

The SWT Life: Passions, strengths & purpose: a pilot program for New York City teens, Brooklyn, NY; January 2011

30|Summit: second annual gathering of young American leaders, delivering presentations on legacy in the areas of law, politics, technology, medicine, fine arts and education; presenters included civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson, Skillshare's Michael Karnjanaprakorn, and Rachael Chong of Catchafire, New York, NY; September 2010

Brooklyn Honors Spike Lee: three day - five event tribute for the icon, engaging over 23,000 people, Brooklyn, NY; June 2009

A Great Day in Brooklyn: photographic memoir shot of Brooklyn residents who eloquently merge the worlds of art, activism and entrepreneurship by renowned documentarian Jamel Shabazz, Brooklyn, NY; June 2008

Kuumba's Family Reunion: post-Katrina benefit concert to help rebuild New Orleans based school Kuumba Academy, New York, NY; March 2006